I’m Clinton Lewis and I’m a Project Manage at a Environmental company and photographer.

I’m from the Richmond Virginia area and have lived and gone to school here my how life. My profession is in the Environmental industry as I went to VCU for my degree. I enjoy hiking and backpacking and capturing those landscapes. I started photography to get those shots I saw when I traveled to show other people and it grew on me.

I now enjoy traveling and sharing my journeys through my photography when I am not working. I have traveled a lot to the Blue Ridge mountains with my family and groups. I have traveled to Japan three times now and to the Northwest of the USA. I have a rewarding feeling from blogging here and want to grow my portfolio to better and more interesting photographs.

I hope I can share what I see with you and I hope I can engage with what you would like me to see as well.

Please ask any questions, comment or just look.



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