T. Potterfield Bridge

There was a new bridge that had opened up in Richmond for pedestrians. It is pretty awesome as it has wonderful views  and accessible from Brown’s Island. With the city lit up from the Grande Illumination around the holidays it is wonderful to stop and look.

Taken with X-Pro2 and Rokinon 12mm f2 lens



Nishiki Market monochrome

So I made a post about some tea that I got in Nishiki Market but I also took a few pictures more as well while I was there to get some tea. It was field trip time and there were students waling around buying some souvenirs. Was a great time and there were foods that we wanted but there was just no way that we were going to get them home ok. We did get the tea back though!

Taken with Konica Hexar at 30mm with Ilford FP5

img086 We also picked up some of the food there and snacked on it. Was delicious!

img093 She was buying some foods!


Miss chef was giving me a look…


Thanks for looking today

Kickstarter Project!

Hey everyone, it has been awhile since my free time I have been scanning film with my new scanner for better quality. I have decided to finally do a photo book from my trips to Japan. I called it 3X Japan for 3 different times. This last trip I use a film camera and a little bit of digital. This book will have film and digital images to show different shooting situations as my film camera was great for street photography. This will have a variety of images; landscape, cityscape, macro, street, monochrome  and nature.

My project page is here.

A Snow in North East

It has been a while since my postings. I visited a small town in Maryland called North East. It is at the northern terminus part of the Chesapeake Bay. Was up there during a small snow storm or what I thought as it built up. I left the house and took a walk in the small town as it was piling up.

Taken on Ilford FP4 with a Nikon FM2 with 50mm f1.4 at f1.4