Sunrise on Potterfield

Sometimes I get myself up early enough to take these photographs. There wasn’t anyone down there since it was 5:14am on a week day. I still had to get to work at 8. This is before sunrise as the sky was turning orange and the water was just rolling along.

Taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 with 18-55mm lens



Walking in the woods

I take walks in general in the woods or  the local parks and some of it as a landscape isn’t all that interesting to take a photograph of. However, looking closely you will see there are leaves and such that had interesting texture and or reflections.

Shot with X-Pro2 f/5.6 1/220sec, ISO 500, 35mm f/2 lens


Shot at f/8, ferns in the woods


Busy Summer

The Summer has been busy and not busy. I did take a long two week vacation back in May/June but been around since. Lots of nice warm weather has kept me busy after work and I try to be out on the weekends. I have had some time to edit some the photographs and a long rainy day where I was able to develop and scan some black and white film. I took the picture below on the south side of the James River looking at downtown Richmond.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 with f/22 and 120sec exposure.