Mt. Saint Helen’s

From the last post this is Mt. Saint Helens again. I got different light as I was early in the morning with this shot and the other was a lot later in the day. DSCF2191-HDR-Edit


Dry Dirt

I have never been anywhere like this before where it was 90 degrees and up but dry. Virginia is a really humid state when it gets hot. This is at the John Day Fossil Beds in central Oregon. It was totally worth a trip even though it was a long drive but it was just amazing scenery for a guy who hasn’t seen this before. The soil ans rock are fragil and ask people to stay off of it but occasionally you see some foot prints of people that didn’t and those prints stay for a very long time.

Taken with an X-Pro2 and Rokinon 12mm lens


Wizard Island

Wizard Island is the only island in Crater Lake and it is a cinder cone of the volcano that once stood there. The water is so blue there and you can see snow on the north sides and areas that are cast in long shadows throughout the day.  Hope you can go some time I only wish it wasn’t as crowded when I did.

Taken with X-Pro2 and xf 18-55mm lens