Old Blue

This was out of the Truck Graveyard in Columbia Virginia area. This bus wasn’t as old as some of the other vehicles that were on site but was all blue which was the only one like it.

Taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 and Rokinon 12mm lens



River of Rocks

I wish I was able to spend more time up by Mt. Saint Helens. It was gorgeous there and I may have lucked out with such awesome skies to go hiking. I guess this is from a flow for rain and or the glacier melting. I couldn’t find any water running just rocks/boulders. This is the back side of Saint Helens as the other side has the gaping hole from where it erupted.

Taken with a X-Pro2 and 18-55mm lens



The “Truck Graveyard” is an interesting place to go to assuming you get permission ahead of time from the owner. Lots of trucks are there and some go back to the 20’s. They had trucking trucks that are old and some not to old. I want to say there had to be 200 vehicles there to check out.

Taken with a X-Pro2 with the Rokinon 12mm lens


Mt. Hood

I didn’t get a chance to hike on Mt. Hood but we did get to drive around it. The landscape out there is amazing and I already miss it. Tall straight trees like the cedars and fir’s is a change of scenery from the oaks and other hard woods back on the east. These volcanoes rise well above most of the other mountains in the area, covered with snow. Get out there when you can!

Taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro2