Carrytown walk in the City

I run a street photography group where we go out every once in awhile we go somewhere to shoot what we see. Carytown is a part of Richmond where there is shops and restaurants. Friday night it can get lively and that is when we went an hour before the sun set. Was a great time and I had a film and digital camera with me. I took a lot but some didn’t come out as it was also a time out with the girl. I had black and white film and so I shot in black in white with my digital to stay consistent.

Next four pictures were shot on a Konica Hexar with Fuji Acros 100 at 30mm.


Nice couple we met that owned a Pizza place else where in the city, I need to stop by there…33560023 33560029 These guys posed after they had some Mellow Mushroom which is a pizza joint on Cary Street…033560030The rest of the images were taken with Fuji X-Pro1 with the 35mm lens, please no sitting…no siting The World of Mirth is a wonderful toy gag store in Carytown. They have interesting things and fun this in there and you can try on about 25 different weird/funny hats…puffy These guys were making some Gyro’s and noticed us taken some pictures into there restaurantmaking some food DSCF9992Across the street is The Daily which is been pretty popular every time I go by when it’s opened!DSCF9994

Thanks for looking today.


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