Lan Su Chinese Gardens

The Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland are a small oasis in the middle of a busy financial area of the city. It is one entire block and has a lot of authentic pieces inside from China. The pond did have a lot algae in it so it had a green hue. The tea was was wonderful to look at but we ended up having some food and tea at a restaurant across the street.

Taken with an X-Pro2



Petersburg Photowalk

Walking with my photography group we headed to Petersburg which is just south of Richmond VA down I-95. The idea since it has a lot of old structures that we would do black and white. I shot with my X-Pro1 on a Rokinon 12mm f/2 and Fuji 35 f/1.4 lenses.


The Love sign is a Virginia thing, since Virginia is for Lovers!


The 12mm lens with the f/2 is great, fully manual but fun to use an can not wait to use it for landscape photography in the future.


I have to get back to Petersburg again, there was a lot to see.


buildings older then any you would see in Richmond…


Nice ol’ VW Van parked in the snow.


The 12mm really  gets a lot and I know there is a 10-24mm f/4 from Fuji but significantly more.


Lots of shadows and there was still snow on the ground from our storm that came through.



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Charlottesville Walkabout

Last weekend I held a club meetup where we headed up to the City of Charlottesville to meet another club. It was a pretty good time and the weather was great; not to cold and not really hot. The light was a little harsh when we started but the rest  of the day was great. Charlottesville is a great little city with color in the fall and has a great university  and has a small downtown mall that is pedestrian only, this is where we were. We also went out to get a drink later on that night at the Commonwealth Sky Bar which is a rooftop bar, it had heaters which made it more comfortable.

Images taken with Fuji X-Pro1 with 27mm & 35mm lens.


Some of the stores and restaurants had there little patio all lit up when the sun when down.

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Taking a walk 9-12-15

I took a walk on Saturday since I was holding a meetup but no one showed because I guess “weather” so I went walking around exploring some alleys and checking out the non-stop stickers that are all over the city, especially on signs. I will have to do a series of these stickers on signs someday. I was walking around in Jackson Ward area of Richmond.

Taken with my XPro-1 with the 27mm lens.

Stop! slapping stickers on the sign. Like the Astro boy one…


It isn’t just on signs but walls, poles and electric boxes.

DSCF0225 DSCF0235

Nice dead end with the mural there, right next tot he park…


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