Down the Book Shelves

I held a short walk in Staunton Virginia a little while ago where we met at the Camera Heritage Museum which is the largest public camera collection anyone can see in the country. Pretty cool but they need more space and have been trying to get money donated to get a nice place so they can display more. They have so much cameras, some that are awesome from what I hear that are always donated to the place but they have to store it because there just isn’t the space to display. They are appreciative of the camera donations but they do need the money as well to have a better museum. They list a lot of duplicate cameras they get for sale to raise the money. I bought some expired and out of production film from them, they do have a eBay store. As I was walking around Staunton I saw this antique store with a row of used books in a tight hall.

taken with fuji XPro-1 with the 35mm 1.4 at 1.4



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