Christmas on Monument Ave – Richmond, VA

Was out with the group recently again to grab some great pictures of Monument Avenue in the city of Richmond. There are some great houses down there and they also do a great job at decorating and lighting them up for the holidays. It was a great time and there were plenty others walking down the avenue enjoying the lights with coco. I used my Canon 60D and EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 lens for all these shots with a tripod of course.


These nice folks really like some nut crackers, they had 14-15 of them around their door way.


The old Cadillac down on Monument is a well known icon down there and is always decorated like this each year with something different. There are reindeer on the end of the red ropes on the front of the car in a tree.


Some of the Christmas Trees that are seen from outside in their windows downstairs are gorgeous as well.


I took this picture from across the street and captured some light trails from the traffic in the area that night. I enjoyed the outcome.

Thanks for looking!




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