Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur Land has been standing since the 1960s in White Top Virginia and still has some of the original dino’s and newer editions. It is a quirky stop on our route back from Harper’s Ferry WV. It is a little place where they have a good number of scale replica’s of dino’s from back in the day. Some large T-Rex and smaller other dino’s as well. There is also a 20 foot or longer King Kobra! This guy below looks like the Spinosaurs from Jurassic Park 3 but the size of a Rapture. There is also a King Kong there that you can go and sit or stand in his hand that is out stretched for a photo op as well. If you are near Winchester, this isn’t a bad stop, especially if you have kids and they are all about Jurassic World/Park.

Taken with the XPro-2 and Rokinon 12mm lens



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