Meadow Farm Monochrome

On photo walks or days I take more pictures with my digital I am going to do more posts like this where I have multiple photographs. I have a local park where it has a lot of woods to roam in like my home. It is a lot closer and it’s quite except for the highway in the far distance. It has been chilly a lot recently but that day got cold really fast as when I left my hands were white and very dry.

My set up was my Fuji XPro-1 with the 35mm 1.4 lens


On the back side of the park there is a small fenced in pond that I think belongs to a farm that had this bent entrance with this sign.


These straight trees with not a whole lot of foliage gives great black and white landscapes.


In the Pine grove there is a small clearing with a few benches if you want to sit and read a good book.


Based around a farm that is historic in nature for the area, you can have a tour in the old farm house.


The pod was frozen over and these geese looked like they were having a good time sliding around.

thanks for looking.