Down at the Station

Part of a meetup group where we go out and do some street photography, and this time we started at the Main Street Station in Richmond’s downtown. My girlfriend came with to use her Fujifilm X10 and I brought my Fujiflm XPro-1 with the 35mm 1.4 lens.

You can get tickets and still depart on Amtrak and regular trains with cargo come and go. This area is the only place in North America where there is a triple crossing of 3 class 1 rain lines. It’s pretty cool and the angles to take the pictures have gotten less with the buildings and the flood wall down in Shocko Bottom.


Rather than waiting on the platform for the train you can sit inside the station on the second floor on these wooden benches.


The station still has an old feel to it and probably a lot of it still looks the same 50 years ago except for the vending machines.


The second floor can be rented out for parties or social events. There are seats set up for possibly a wedding that day. The first time in the station I attended a reception for the 20th anniversary of the Sister City agreement with Saitama Japan and Richmond this past Summer.


This is an old poster most likely from war time showing a cat in uniform looking at a “pin up” of this cute sleeping cat. I thought it was adorable.


Thanks for looking!