Down in the Bottom

More photographs from the Main Street Station walk that I had a few weekends ago. We walked around the Shockoe Bottom area near the station where they are thinking of putting the future baseball stadium. I’m still shooting with the Fujifilm XPro-1 and 35mm 1.4 lens. This lens is just perfect for the Fujifilm X series cameras, get it if you are interested in the line.

Walking through alleys down the cobble stone roads, there are interesting things on the ground as there is on the walls.


The 14th Street Farmers Market that’s down in the bottom is next to a lot of bars. It was a Saturday and usually there is a lot going on at the market but being it is January produce production in the area is quite low.


There is always bountiful amounts if graffiti and stickers in the alleys.


these electric meters had some character since stickers are getting more popular over graffiti. I even saw a Keyboard Cat Sticker that day.


Richmond was part of a mural project from famous large mural painters. There are large murals on a lot of buildings in the city and this Panda by Angry Woebot’s is pretty sick.


Some local graffiti on this old paint chipping wall.


Behind an old bakery on the loading dock. There were these old crates, graffiti and also a homeless persons bed.


This young guy was walking around town showing his dad why he loved Richmond. He was moving later that week to Washington D.C. Lucky enough his dad has been thinking about getting a nice camera so we have him some ideas.


At the farmers market there was one stand with some produce. His farm is located in Hanover county which is just 10 minutes north and boasted that all his produce came from there. A little hard to believe this time of year.


There is plenty of bridges that are overhead down in that area from both cars and trains.


This is the bridge that goes to the other side of the James River, Interstate 95…


Thanks for looking, cheers.