Charlottesville Walkabout

Last weekend I held a club meetup where we headed up to the City of Charlottesville to meet another club. It was a pretty good time and the weather was great; not to cold and not really hot. The light was a little harsh when we started but the rest  of the day was great. Charlottesville is a great little city with color in the fall and has a great university  and has a small downtown mall that is pedestrian only, this is where we were. We also went out to get a drink later on that night at the Commonwealth Sky Bar which is a rooftop bar, it had heaters which made it more comfortable.

Images taken with Fuji X-Pro1 with 27mm & 35mm lens.


Some of the stores and restaurants had there little patio all lit up when the sun when down.


We stopped at the train yard where there was an old diesel engine sitting thereon the tracks and apparently hasn’t moved for years.


One of the others that were out taking some pictures. There was a variety of digital cameras and experiences. Super zoom cameras, low end and high end dslr’s and high end point and shoots.


There is a chalk board wall down at the nTelos Pavilion end of the downtown mall and it had some obscene items written on it. Of course  there was a lot in morning for Paris after the bombings.


This kid had a stand selling some comic book merchandise but was spinning his basketball on his finger. He was happy to stand and grin at the camera while spinning the ball. He was quite good at it too.


I came around the corner of the alley and some of the others in the group was talking to this guy and taking his picture. I believe he owns the cigar shop that is behind him and apparently is part of the Charlottesville group but just wasn’t participating in the meetup that day.


We were allowed to go into a store which seemed like a basement under a cafe. Downstairs there  were some antique merchandise but also a lot of outfits that you can purchase. From various eras of the United States and was also told from the Charlottesville group leader that he will even rent out the clothing for photograph sessions or movies if you need a costume.


There was even Harrison Ford looking out from the news stand next to a pin up magazine in the store as well.

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