Easter on Parade Richmond 2016

Easter on Parade has been a Richmond tradition for a very long time (40 plus years). About 25,000 people come out and walk up and down Monument Ave in the city for festivities. Usually food vendors and other crafts are out and people wear bonnets and also place them on their pets. Colors and outfits that relate to the holiday are worn. This year there was some misty/rainy weather that probably held people from going out but was still a good time. I took my X-Pro2 out and shot most images with the Fuji 60mm f2.4 lens.


Crowd walking down the Avenue before walking back on the other side.


There is a Ronald McDonald house out there too and of course Ronald and the Ham Burglar was out greeting people and children.


I believe this was some Celtic dance group that was out dancing in costume and playing some music. Was pretty interesting as they had a large group and different numbers.


This guy set up right next to the dancers and was playing on his guitar for money but everyone was watching the dancing. He started to pack up his gear to move somewhere else right after I took this photograph.


Selfie time!


Some old Fords were out on display to take a look at.


Dogs were dressed up and looked funny but cute. Kids loved it.


She wanted her photo taken, she has been coming for 35 years she said, hasn’t missed one year.

Thanks for looking.


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