A Stop in Petersburg

My girlfriend had never been to Peteresburg so we decided to go down on a rainy day to look at Antique stores and go eat. We both brought our cameras and got around just fine. Not a lot of foot traffic especially with the weather spitting once in awhile. I had my Fujifilm X-Pro2 at hand with a few lenses.DSCF1394

There are a few murals in the City of Petersburg but not as much as Richmond. Petersburg is also going through some political problems like going bankruptcy and kicking the mayor out of office.


It gives you a chance to see a lot of older buildings and we found in an alley ways that it opens up to some old tooling and machinery which was interesting.


Inside a once standing building. the vines were hanging from the rods that were still helping hold the walls together.


This is a courtyard we found behind a antique store. The redbud and the wisteria hanging overhead the old walls was beautiful.

Thanks for looking


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