Truck Grave Yard

My club had the opportunity to go to a property where they had maybe 100 trucks and old vehicles parked in barns and in fields. Was really interesting and a lot of character on and in each vehicle. Love to see it again.

Shot with a Yashica 35 Electro at 45mm on Fujifilm Provia 100



Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is a popular tourist attraction, that’s for sure. Plenty of people were out there just to drop their eyes on it. Noticeable from the show Twin Peaks, it was only about 30 minutes from Seattle and there were a few stands along the road to with Rainier cherries. I regret not stopping and grabbing some.

Taken with a Voigtlander Bessa R4M on Ilford HP5+


Saint Helens

Traveling with some black and white film gives me a different perspective then shooting digital color. The landscapes out west sometimes just look great at angles in black and white and detail and shadows just get drawn out more. The volcano was a lot taller but a lot of its top is gone since the eruption. Closer to the volcano you can see the difference in the landscape, no more tall trees but small plants and pumice stone areas.

Taken on a Voigtlander Bessa R4M on Ilford HP5+