Fall on the Pipeline

The pipeline is a nice little trail down by the James River in the city of Richmond. You literally walk on the pipeline as the pipe is suspended over the river for away’s before it goes in the ground further up stream. If you want to swim in the summer I know some people go down there as well.

Taken with a Fujica AX-3 with 50mm f1.6DM lens on Velvia 50.



Fallen apples at Carter Mountain

Carter Mountain is like a staple weekend trip for the people I know in the fall time. You can drive up the mountain and pick apples straight from the tree. It can be a great time but you eventually realize that you have way to many apples in your bag and feel bad to waste them.

Taken with Fujica AX-3 at 50mm 1.4 on Fuji Velvia 50 film


My time at the Beach

I didn’t get much time at he beach this year. I stopped by a few times during work but only got two weekends of actual vacation there. The last time I went it was during a storm that was coming up the coast and causing coastal flooding so I wouldn’t have called that a “real” beach day. The one weekend though had great weather and offered some great walks out on the sand. that is when I captured this photo.

Taken with Fujica AX-3 on Fujicolor 200


Have a swing

I went to the Eastern Shore for work yesterday but had my girlfriend ride along since she had the day off. The day was perfect even though I was “sorta” working. Grabbed some seafood and ice cream and went to the beach for awhile.

This was taken while working at a house. They had a lovely swing with English ivy all around the tree!

Taken with my Fujica AX-3 with Fujinon 50mm 1.6 on Provia 100F