Spring in Richmond 2015

Spring time is a glorious time of the year. Cherry blossoms are a sure sign of warmer weather and flowers are coming. This is at Brown Island down at the river in the city. Blossoms add a nice back drop and they are easy to get to even so close the the center of the city. Plenty of people out enjoying the weather.

Taken with Fujica AX-3 on Velvia 50.



Cherry Blossoms Velvia

Blossoms were great this year, here are a few blossoms that I took my my Fujica AX-3 on Velvia 50 fujifilm. I wish there was more pink here in Richmond but most of them were white or slight pink. There is quite enough places to see blossoms in Richmond. These were taken at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Lakeside. The gardens had installed Cherry trees all around the pond which is new this year. They are not all that amazing but in a few years when they grow and become larger they will be great.


Some blossoms had fallen on the pond in the Japanese garden…

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Thanks for looking.

Cloudy Bridge

Taken on the South side of Belle Isle in Richmond’s downtown. The bridge that allows access ┬áto vehicles over to the island. Sun was heading down for the day and took a snap.

Taken on my Fujica AX-3 slr on Velvia 50.


Roanoke Cement

Roanoke Cement

Roanoke Cement factory is down the mountain in Catawba Valley. Most of the trail to Tinker Cliffs from Catawba Road is part of their private property but you are allowed to hike as long as you stay on the trail. Gorgeous scenery to been seen on the trail. I took my Canon 60D with me and my Fujica AX-3 with some Velvia 50. this was taken on the Fujica at 35mm.