Looking over the Hill

My girlfriend and I occasionally go up to Libby Hill Park in the City where you can sit on the grass or bench and get a great view of the setting sun over the city. We will brings books to read while we sit there or I will walk around with my camera seeing whats going on. It sometimes can be crowded but this night was actually really relaxed. These guys came by for a stop to look before they kept walking down the street.

Taken with XPro-2 and 35mm f2 lens


Falls at Great Shiplock

Hello again, I have really enjoyed using my Fujifilm XPro-2 since I picked it up. It operates a lot quicker then the XPro-1 and I love the Acros simulation in the camera. A lot of people ask me why I do not always shoot in raw at some of the photography meetings I’m at but the camera makes some wonderful jpegs to work with. I picked up a Samyang 8mm “fish-eye” lens for the camera and that is what I used for the photograph below taken with the XPro-2 in Acros simulation with a red filter setting. I hope to get more use out of this 8mm lens, it offers some great angle of view, great price and the quality is worth it. As long as you are ok with a manual focus and aperture ring.


World Trade Center Reflection

Walking in New York City down in Lower Manhattan stands the newer tower; One World Trade Center or Freedom Tower. It is the tallest in the country and is a lovely building standing next the the reflection pools and the museum for 9/11. I noticed that the reflection was easy to see in the glass on the museum of the Freedom Tower and so I captured this photograph.

Taken with XPro-2 and 12mm Rokinon lens


Norfolk Southern Passing by

I was down at the Great Shiplock Park in Richmond the other day with the girlfriend enjoying some nice weather before a hard downpour. The rail that cuts through the side of the park and cross the road is active and this train was passing by. The bridge right behind it is also an active line that has Amtrak and freight trains come through on either coming in at the Main Street Station or heading on up the river. The canal there and the lock at the end is pretty cool to see. Lots of people were stopping by to go fishing on the James.

Taken with Fujifilm XPro-2 with 35mm f2


A Stop in Petersburg

My girlfriend had never been to Peteresburg so we decided to go down on a rainy day to look at Antique stores and go eat. We both brought our cameras and got around just fine. Not a lot of foot traffic especially with the weather spitting once in awhile. I had my Fujifilm X-Pro2 at hand with a few lenses.DSCF1394

There are a few murals in the City of Petersburg but not as much as Richmond. Petersburg is also going through some political problems like going bankruptcy and kicking the mayor out of office.

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