Kaisando Hall at Tofuku-ji Temple

Kyoto has a wonderful temple complex with some amazing gardens, some old and some modern. Tofuku-ji Temple is a great stop. People come in groves to Fushimi-inari taisha with it’s 1,000 orange tori gates going up Fushimi mountain. You should stop right before or after that visit to Tofuku-ji which is only one stop away from the tori gates. This has a few buildings and great gardens as mentioned and this is Kaisando Hall where one side of the walk way has a stream and more wet garden before it slopes up to the forest. This side has a great area of gravel that is raked in a checkered pattern. It is quite great to look at and I needed a 21mm lens to take this picture and probably done better if I had the 15mm lens. We sat here for a while enjoying the serene seen.

Taken with Voigtlander Bessa R4M with 21mm f4 lens on Ilford FP5img048


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