Verde Maple’s

I love Maple tree’s, there are so many kinds but they pretty much all have bright colors in the fall. The greens that this one was showing on a wet day was vibrant. If you want to get some great shots of maples, I have found Japan in the fall to be wonderful. In Japan they have food and items to buy that are themed on the maples that are turning in the season much like the cherry blossoms in the spring. This maple was in a Japanese Garden on our trip in Oregon. Couldn’t pass it up.

Taken with X-Pro2



Japanese Creature

Walking in Kyoto my girlfriend and I came across this in the middle of the street. Was pretty interesting, seemed like 2 badgers wearing clothing and wanting to drink. I had to take a quick picture.

Taken with Voigtlander R4M at 50mm f1.4 with Ilford FP5img044

Honen-in Temple in Kyoto

Great little place up along the Higashiyama mountains that is off the philosophers path in eastern Kyoto. The temple is small but a pleasure to stop at. There are stairs to raise up into deep shade and the thatched gated entrance is nice. There are two mounds that sit right before you as you enter. They are supposedly to purify you as you enter. I was there in the afternoon and had to wait a long while before I could take this without anyone in the picture.

Taken with Bessa R4M with 21mm Color Skopar with Ektar Film

Love this place and so peacful to walk up to this temple to off the philosophers path.


Temple buildings at Garan in Koya-san

Walking around Garan in Koya-san was great. There are some temple buildings there that were built in Kobo Daishi’s time (1200 years ago). We walked over to these buildings on the grounds that were west and not many people were there. It is in the shadow of the great pagoda there. great place t walk and relax.

Taken with Voigtlander Bessa R4M on Ektar filmimg167

Ektar Bamboo

Bamboo is here and there in Japan along with Ceder and Pine. You will find special walks through bamboo in Arashiyama and Sagano in Western Kyoto but this was taken at a temple in eastern Kyoto. Great temple, Kodai-ji has a lot to offer when visiting the Higashiyama area.

Taken with a Voigtlander Bessa R4M with a 21mm lens and Ektar Film
Bamboo at Temple