Mt. Saint Helen’s wrath

When Mt. Saint Helens erupted there was quite a bit of destruction. The area near the volcano still shows what happened when it went but the further you get away you can see what it probably was once. The trees in the area were large and you can see the remaining stumps here in the photo. There is pumice stone all over with small vegetation growing in. To the left of this photograph is a large lake with massive trees floating, probably for years. The volcano is to my back right now.

Takne with a Voigtlander Bessa R4M with 21mm f4 lens on Ilford HP5+



A time at Black Rock

It is hiking time. Hiking is really something that I enjoy and of course capturing photos. Black Rock is a short hike within Shenandoah National Park. It was something to relax on, easy walk, short and a place to sit and have a 300 degree view.

Taken with a Bessa R4M on Ilford Delta 100 pushed to 200


Provia Graffiti

I like walking down some of the alley ways in Richmond and I usually come across some graffiti and also sticker.s Richmond loves stickers so I have noticed. Here is some graffiti on Provia 400X. Taken with a Vogitlander Bessa R4M with a 21mm f4 lens. 88610030

Some art is colorful…


Some graffiti is just plain like above but on a bright color wall or door.

Provia Azalea Garen

There was still some color over at the Bryan Park Azalea garden in the winter. I had to get some Provia 400X before they were sold out since I never shot with it before. Loved the colors with it, not as vivid as Veliva but nice. The pond as covered in algae and the fountain was off.

Taken with a Voigtlander Bessa R4M with Provia 400X