Premium Boss

So back in May, my girlfriend an I traveled to Japan for two weeks. It was my third trip and it was her first. The time spent there was great and it was nice traveling with someone the entire time as my first two times I went alone. It was a change of pace for sure and I tried more drinks and food then previous times. My girlfriend is a chef so she was very interested in the culinary of Japan. I am all about vending machines and drinks, love them. I tried as much as I could. I am a big fan of Boss coffee and there were many different kinds that I tried on this trip. I can get my hands on Black Boss Coffee back here in my city but any others is a no go. I tried at least 12 other flavors and all were slightly different. I tried all that you see here. Look forward to more photographs from my trip both digital and film as I traveled with a film camera.

Taken with Fuji XPro1 on fuji 35mm 1.4 at 1.4

Canned Coffee


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