Cigar Factory

This is one of those photo walks that I set up with a guy that was offering some 200 rolls of expired film to shoot. Walking in the bottom in Richmond was where we decided to go to. The guy got a great deal a simple $5 for the 200 rolls including 35mm, 120mm and some sheet film. I grabbed some black and white film, Kodak BW400cn Film, since if it was expired maybe it wouldn’t look to bad. We stopped at the Cigar Factory there were the owner was sitting outside enjoying one of their many cigars. He was friendly and offered to step inside the take some shots. Today I used a Nikon FM2n with a 50mm 1.4 lens. The owner sitting outside…88590005Small place but had a nice glass shelf with boxes of cigars, a chalk board like wall with writing and nice seats to sit and enjoy a cigar.

I do not smoke but the man was nice enough to offer some more photographic opportunity so I step on in. Thanks for looking.


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