Oranges and Reds

Love the mountains in the fall, Shenandoah National Park I know I have posted quite a  bit about already. I grabbed this picture with my Fuji G690bl and 100mm lens with Kodak Ektar. Medium format isn’t something I shoot all the time but I do enjoy it when I do. 88040002


A visit to the State Capitol

The state capitol of Virginia is really a nice building. It has been used for a few movies in the area and it houses the oldest legislative body in the western hemisphere, the Virginia General Assembly.  Thomas Jefferson was the head architect of the Capitol Building.

Taken with a Voigtlander Bessa R2 on Kodak BW400CN expired


The grounds are lovely to walk around…


The tour is free inside and they have a very nice visitor center where you enter from the street below..d.


The city from the front door.

Walk to the Beach

I kind of already miss warmer weather (although it has reached 70 degrees in December already).  I am ready to get out on some more water, the river, lake, pond, ocean what ever I can. I enjoyed getting to the beach when I could this past year but it was mostly a quick stop as I was out that way for work. This was the beach access at 89th street at Virginia Beach. It was the last street and access before the base.

Taken with a Fuji GS645S at 45mm on Ektar 100 Film


Honen-in Temple in Kyoto

Great little place up along the Higashiyama mountains that is off the philosophers path in eastern Kyoto. The temple is small but a pleasure to stop at. There are stairs to raise up into deep shade and the thatched gated entrance is nice. There are two mounds that sit right before you as you enter. They are supposedly to purify you as you enter. I was there in the afternoon and had to wait a long while before I could take this without anyone in the picture.

Taken with Bessa R4M with 21mm Color Skopar with Ektar Film

Love this place and so peacful to walk up to this temple to off the philosophers path.