The Old ride

Anyone go out for rides?  I do not have a motorcycle but I do like going for rides sometime. One of the best ride in the state is on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I recently was up there with the color changing and if offered some great views and just a calm trip away from the city. It is a long ride if you ever try to the entire length. I went from Roanoke to Interstate 64 where Shenandoah National Park starts and that was 110 miles but took a few hours with my stopping for photographs and looking out in the valley and Piedmont region.

Anyways this photo was taken while taken a walk in the city. This motorcycle was sitting there covered in vines and looking lonely. I used a Nikon FM2n with 50mm 1.4 on Kodak BW400cn.88590019


Street Reflections

Walking in the city or anywhere for that matter after a nice rainstorm can leave many reflections on the ground and other things. Puddles can offer many depths to ones photography. I should get out more during rain or right after to see what I can see. This cobble stoned alley way was already interesting but seeing some reflections in the stone was more.

Taken with a Nikon FM2n 50mm 1.4 with Kodak BW400cn film.  88590015

Cigar Factory

This is one of those photo walks that I set up with a guy that was offering some 200 rolls of expired film to shoot. Walking in the bottom in Richmond was where we decided to go to. The guy got a great deal a simple $5 for the 200 rolls including 35mm, 120mm and some sheet film. I grabbed some black and white film, Kodak BW400cn Film, since if it was expired maybe it wouldn’t look to bad. We stopped at the Cigar Factory there were the owner was sitting outside enjoying one of their many cigars. He was friendly and offered to step inside the take some shots. Today I used a Nikon FM2n with a 50mm 1.4 lens. The owner sitting outside…88590005Small place but had a nice glass shelf with boxes of cigars, a chalk board like wall with writing and nice seats to sit and enjoy a cigar.

I do not smoke but the man was nice enough to offer some more photographic opportunity so I step on in. Thanks for looking.

Snow in the Woods

There was quite a bit of snow this winter in the North East this year. We got some and I enjoyed it each time…if it got me out of some work. I took a walk in the woods in a near by park that was deserted as the snow was starting to come down. Everyone was busy getting their milk and bread at the store.

Taken on a Nikon FM2 with Ilford FP4 using a Nikor 50mm 1.4