The Big Snow of 2017

We had a “Big” snow in Richmond back in January but it really wasn’t. It was a nice taste of Winter but with the weather the way it is going right now, spring should be around the corner. I write this February 21st and it has been in the 60’s recently. This snow was much appreciated as I like to walk in the city while the snow is there. It wasn’t a big snow so it didn’t last too long, luckily it stayed a few days because it was 20 degrees.

Taken with Voigtlander Bessa R2 with Canon 35mm f2.8 lens on Ilford 100 pushed to 400

Some ice coming down the wall and freezing signs…


Part of our flood wall to protect the buildings…


The State Capitol of Virginia, already white and now with a white lawn…


Coffee shop uncovered the bench right out front of their door…


Thanks for looking…


Christmas Tree at the curb

I was walking around the streets of Richmond and came across this nice looking artificial tree already to go but it was mid October when it was at t he curb which through me off. Well now that Christmas is over the chill of January and February are on the way. Not generally my favorite time of the year.

Taken with an X-Pro2 and the xf 35mm f2 lens