Been a While

I have not posted a post in a few weeks. I have been busy with work and of course going out and shooting. I have been on top of getting through the files and then of course back in Mid-May I took a camping road trip through Utah, Arizona and Nevada. It was a fantastic trip through the West seeing Arches, Canyon lands, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Zion, North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. Lots of hiking and photography although I know I could have taken better shots on the trip but I was so wrapped up in trying to enjoy the hiking and camping rather then worry about if the photo I captured was perfect. Not only that I could not capture what you can see with your eyes out there. It was spectacular scenery and it’s hard to show or tell people about it with out them being there. Now that I am back home I will get back into focusing my skills as a photographer and hopefully get in more hiking an camping in the Mountains of Virginia.

This photo was taken walking on Browns Island downtown Richmond, Virginia at sun set. Taken with a X-Pro2



Sunset at Higashiyama

Walking one evening while we were in Kyoto we manage to see a wonderful sunset which I didn’t get but the pink across the sky was visible for a good while. Walking in the Higashiyama hill area is a delight at this time in the early summer. There were no more crowds but the small stores were closing up. The old streets take you back and the setting sun cast shadows and lanterns turn on. Truly a great time for a walk.

Taken with Fuji XPro1 on 18-55mm lens

Sun going down Kyoto