Temple buildings at Garan in Koya-san

Walking around Garan in Koya-san was great. There are some temple buildings there that were built in Kobo Daishi’s time (1200 years ago). We walked over to these buildings on the grounds that were west and not many people were there. It is in the shadow of the great pagoda there. great place t walk and relax.

Taken with Voigtlander Bessa R4M on Ektar filmimg167


Ektar Bamboo

Bamboo is here and there in Japan along with Ceder and Pine. You will find special walks through bamboo in Arashiyama and Sagano in Western Kyoto but this was taken at a temple in eastern Kyoto. Great temple, Kodai-ji has a lot to offer when visiting the Higashiyama area.

Taken with a Voigtlander Bessa R4M with a 21mm lens and Ektar Film
Bamboo at Temple

Konpon Daito Pagoda – Koya-san

Konpon Daito Pagoda is larger when you see it in person. 45 meters tall it stands over the ceders that are next to it. Kobo Daishi started to build the pagoda and the main hall next to it but couldn’t finish it before his eternal meditation.

Taken with a Voigtlander Bessa R4M with 21mm lens on Ektar filmimg161

Walking to Okunoin in Koya-san

Stay at a temple in Koya-san was truly a treat. It was really quite and relaxing to do such a thing and highly recommend it for anyone traveling near Osaka. This is a walk that travels up to the mausoleum of Kobo Daishi who is the creator of Shingon Buddhism and one of the most revered religious person in the history of Japan. The walk though Japan’s largest gravel yard gets you to the mausoleum and it is a very interesting walk and it made me feel small. the trees are tall and straight, some have cables to keep them up.

Taken with a Voigtlander Bessa R4M on Ektar Film img155 img158

The Old ride

Anyone go out for rides?  I do not have a motorcycle but I do like going for rides sometime. One of the best ride in the state is on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I recently was up there with the color changing and if offered some great views and just a calm trip away from the city. It is a long ride if you ever try to the entire length. I went from Roanoke to Interstate 64 where Shenandoah National Park starts and that was 110 miles but took a few hours with my stopping for photographs and looking out in the valley and Piedmont region.

Anyways this photo was taken while taken a walk in the city. This motorcycle was sitting there covered in vines and looking lonely. I used a Nikon FM2n with 50mm 1.4 on Kodak BW400cn.88590019